choose: bad design = failure | good design = success
appa writes on 08.Aug.04 at 15h10
Design matters, it can make or break an event or product.

Bad design sends the message: "we're too cheap to bother with having proper design so bear with us".

If you're organizing a cultural event: concert, exhibition, theater, cinema, or offering a cultural product: book, CD, DVD, then look no further — browsing this site you know that I'm the man for the job of promoting your event or product.

Why waste money in an ad agency if they treat your product or event as a soap. The vast majority of persons working in such organizations doesn't have a clue of the artistic value of what you're offering: for them is just one more client, that strangely enough is not in the soap business.

Wouldn't you rather go for someone that understands and loves the product or event that you're offering?

I would, so do you.

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