learning to love early music
appa writes on 14.May.04 at 18h07
Have you ever wondered what early music is?

Perhaps even, you already know Early Music, but know just part of it. There are many people that restraint themselves to a small turf of what early music is: usually the Baroque. Cutting themselves from the more than 1000 years of music that preceded the Baroque. There's a saying that ignorance is bliss. Perhaps it is; if this is the kind of bliss that you crave for, then don't waste more time and bandwith browsing this site.

Now that I gave you the chance to leave, I'll let you know a little bit more about what you're in for, if your are curious about Early Music: that is, music from Middle Age to the Baroque. This PDF document guides you through a journey in to the realms of early music.

It introduces each major epoch: the Middle Age, Renaissance and Baroque, their philosophical and historical contexts. For each of these ages there's a
track that I've chosen to illustrate it.

There is also a glossary for reference, if you want to lookup any of the terms and persons mentioned in the text.

It's a PDF document designed for the screen. Try it!.

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If you experience problems with visualizing the document download a compressed version here.

A small teaser of what's inside:

A common prejudice states that the fruition of Art is just for a select few. It is my experience that this is one of the many lies that hinder the enjoyment of Art in our society. Perhaps it is one of the lies that some have a vested interest in perpetuating. Why? You ask. Because Art accesses our inner core and takes us to new levels of understanding of ourselves and of what surrounds us. Armed with this understanding we can make better decisions, and gain considerable distance from the so-called public opinion. The crowd is untruth, wrote Kierkegaard.

This writing takes us in a first tour through Early Music. From the Middle Age to the Baroque. In the future we will travel down the path of contemporary —and even of some romantic— music. One of the many clues that tell us that Early Music is close to our age is the fact of many contemporary composers using Early Music as a source for ideas. Producing Art in the 21st century that borrows heavily from yore.

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