help me support this site
appa writes on 14.May.04 at 17h09
Help me support the site.

Other projects are in the oven. With your support they can become a reality.

I'm keeping the site free of banners: they are disgusting. Another example of the mental and visual pollution that abounds in the World Wide Web.

This document is for you. Read the roadmap, and visit the site to know more about it.

The site is affiliated with Amazon, if you like the music that is presented here buy the CDs/DVDs through the affiliate links. You are also helping the artists that bring forgotten musical gems to our time, as well the composers that thread new paths in Music.

If you cannot donate any money, then send me a postcard of the place where you live. It is encouraging to know that this document is reaching a wider audience and that its purpose is being achieved. A kind word can brighten the darkest hour. The address is:
Apartado 13139
1019-502 Lisboa

This is for you, for us.

Many thanks for your generosity.

appa This text is invisible is here just to defeat spammers' bots. The domains from where these buggerscame from should be all blocked.@ I know that in the proccess some innocent bystanders would be caught on the onslaught, but this is a way to put pressure on lazy